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Events listed in white are at the bookshop; events listed in yellow are elsewhere.

Unless noted otherwise all events at the bookshop are free & open to the public.   We recommend masks!

For events elsewhere, there may be vaccine or masking requirements.   Please follow the links to check.

Ritchie Davis will read from his new collection of “true tales,” Flights of Fancy, Souls of Grace: More Tales from Extraordinary Lives.   Davis has written & edited work that’s won 35 awards from the New York & New England News Executives Associations & the Massachusetts Press Association, along with recognition from the Pulitzer Center for Crisis Reporting.   His previous books include, Inner Landscapes: True Tales from Extraordinary Lives & Good Will & Ice Cream: True Tales from Western Massachusetts.
Juniper Summer Writing Institute Reading Series
Diana Khoi Nguyen & Clevis Natera will read at the Old Chapel, UMass, Amherst.. Nguyen is a poet & multimedia artist.   She is author of the poetry collection, Ghost Of which was a finalist for the National Book Award, & the just out, Root Fractures.   Natera is the author of the critically acclaimed debut novel Neruda on the Park.   For more information, see here.
Juniper Summer Writing Institute Reading Series
Jake Skeets & Deb Olin Unferth will read at the Old Chapel, UMass, Amherst..  Skeets is the author of Eyes Bottle Dark with a Mouthful of Flowers, winner of the National Poetry Series, American Book Award, Kate Tufts Discovery Award, & Whiting Award.   Unferth is the author of six books, including the novels Barn 8 & Vacation, the story collections Wait Till You See Me Dance & Minor Robberies, the memoir, Revolution: The Year I Fell in Love & Went to Join the War, & the graphic novel I, Parrot.   For more information, see here.
Juniper Summer Writing Institute Reading Series
Ari Banias & Hilary Plum will read at the Old Chapel, UMass, Amherst..  Banias is a poet & translator, & author of two poetry collections, A Symmetry, which won the 2022 Leslie Feinberg Award for Trans & Gender Variant Literature, & Anybody.   Plum, an alum of UMass’s M.F.A. Program, is the author of the books of essays Hole Studies & Watchfires; the collection of poetry Excisions; & the novels Strawberry Fields & Dragged Them Through the Streets.   For more information, see here.
Help us celebrate the publication of a new book by Annaliese Bischoff, The Man Who Loved Trees,   which tells the story of Frank A. Waugh (1869-1943) & his evolving love for trees.   Waugh was a professor of landscape architecture & a pioneering advocate of native planting design.  He wrote prolifically about trees & landscape design, publishing over twenty books & three hundred articles.  He urged people to enjoy nature in the way that they enjoyed music or painting or sculpture.  Bischoff is a Western Massachusetts artist & landscape architect.
Sara Eddy, who works at Smith College hiring & training peer tutors, is author of two chapbooks of poetry, Tell the Bees & Full Mouth, as well as a brand new full length collection, Ordinary Fissures, of which Paul Mariani has written, it’s “splendid collection: dark, comic, loving, sad, disappointed, vulnerable, &—yes—confessional.”

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