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(If you can't find your class here, your instructor has not ordered it from us!)

Students! Email us at buytextbooks [at] amherstbooks.com to order textbooks.

For Faculty

   Amherst Books has years & years of customer service.  We are not only dedicated to providing speedy, effective & safe service, we pride ourselves on providing textbooks to students at competitive prices.  We try to get used books whenever they are available.

In these trying times we need your support!

    (Note: this is for instructors only.)   At Amherst Books you can order your textbooks using our on-line form, by email, or you can print out a PDF Requisition Form.  Drop it by, call it in to 413.256.1547; or fax it to 413.256.1621.  We'll always acknowledge receipt as soon as we receive the order.   If you don't get a response, please let us know—it means something got lost in the ether!


Given Covid-19 we may not be buying back textbooks.

For Students
Whether you go to school at Amherst College, Hampshire College, or the University of Massachusetts, we ask you support us in these trying times by ordering from us.   Depending on your institution you may be able to pick your textbooks up at the store or have them delivered to you free of charge.


If you want textbooks, please email us at "buytextbooks @ amherstbooks.com." Make sure you enclose your phone number & your address.   If you are using a personal address there may be a shipping charge.   When we have assembled your books we will call you for payment.   Please note that we will be returning books immediately following add-drop.   We”re sorry to report that textbooks will not be returnable, so please place your orders wisely.

Alternatively, we suggest going to Bookshop.org.   They are like a books-only Amazon, except that if you order from them & associate your purchase with Amherst Books, they will give us a cut.   (Using the provided link will automatically associate your order with us.)

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