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Local Authors

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Mt. Holyoke professor John Varriano has a new book: Caravaggio: The Art of Realism.     The book begins with a highly original investigation of the artist’s studio practices.   In subsequent chapters, Varriano discusses Caravaggio’s response to the material culture of his day, his use of gesture & expression, & his eroticism and violence as well as other issues central to the painter’s legendary realism.   Varriano is also author of Italian Baroque & Rococo Architecture & Rome: A Literary Companion.   (2006)
Amherst’s Missy Vineyard is author a new book, How You Stand, How You Move, How You Live: Learning the Alexander Technique to Explore Your Mind–Body Connection & Achieve Self–Mastery.   Vineyard is the founding Director of the Alexander Technique School of New England, she is author of numerous articles on the Alexander Technique, gives workshops on the Alexander Technique & maintains an extensive private practice.   The culmination of thirty years of teaching & research How You Stand, How You Move, How You Live is the most comprehensive, important new book on the subject in twenty years.   Including sixty original black-&-white illustrations, it charts a series of easy-to-follow self-experiments that improve attention, expand awareness, & teach the mind to more skillfully control the body.  Weaving together neuroscience with true stories of her students, it presents a fresh perspective on human behaviour through the Alexander Technique.  (2007)
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Williamsburg's Erica Verrillo has just published the first volume in the Phoenix Rising Trilogy: Elissa's Quest.   The book for ages 12–16 is a fantasy adventure about a young girl who normally leads a solitary life.   She knows nothing of her parents—only that her mother is dead.   Her caretaker, Nana, keeps her father's identity a secret from her.   Meanwhile Elissa carries her own secret—the people of the valley must not know that she has the gift of speaking to animals.   For now she is just a healer's apprentice in peaceful High Crossing, but Elissa dreams of a more exciting life, & of, one day, finding her father.   When an unexpected royal guest arrives at the Manor, Elissa's life changes forever.   She leaves home with him, only to discover that she's become a pawn in a battle for his kingdom.   Accompanied by her dear donkey, Gertrude, she is delivered to the evil Khan.   Elissa's quest for freedom & the truth about her past leads to questions about the future.   Is she the key to a prophecy—the prophecy of the Phoenix—that everyone seems to know about, except her?   (2007)

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