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Events listed in white are at the bookshop; events listed in yellow are elsewhere.

All events are free & open to the public.

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jacket cover
Join Amy Gordon & Barbara Goldin in celebrating the publication of their new books.   Gordon's Magic by Heart book, for middle-schoolers, is a fantasy which brings together enchanted animals, magical musicians, & mere mortals in a story about seeing into people’s true souls.   Gordon, who lives in Gill, is author of many books for children, including Gorillas of Gill Park, Return to Gill Park, & The Secret Life of a Boarding School Brat.   Goldin's The Best Hanukkah Ever   is about the Knoodle family's attempt to celebrate Hanukkah.   Goldin—who lives in Leeds—is author of Ten Holiday Jewish Children's Stories, Night Lights: A Sukkot Story, Coyote & the Fire Stick: A Pacific Northwest Indian Tale, & Red Means Good Fortune: A Story of San Francisco's Chinatown, among other books.
jacket cover
Rescheduled to January 12thMeet Lynn Levine, learn about animal tracks, & celebrate the publication of a new edition of Mammal Tracks & Scat.   Mammal Tracks is a life-size waterproof tracking guide that will help turn your tracking adventure into a magical experience.   This field guide is designed to be carried through brush, bramble & snow banks, & emerge unscathed.   By moving alongside a set of tracks, or finding scat, you can discover that the animal climbed a tree, found a mate, or marked its territory.   Levine is a consulting forester & an environmental educator focusing on the forest ecosystem.   She has been teaching tracking since 1988.   Levine is co-author of Working With Your Woodland.
jacket cover
Amherst native John Robison will read from his new memoir, Look Me in the Eye: My Life with Asperger’s.   Robison, a machine aficionado, a photographer, husband, & father, writes about growing up with Asperger’s syndrome — a high functioning form of autism — overcoming his limitations, & ultimately becoming a successful adult.   Augusten Burroughs, writing in the book’s foreward, said “Of course this book is brilliant; my big brother wrote it.   But even if it hadn’t been created by my big, lumbering, swearing, unshaven ‘early man’ sibling, this is as sweet & funny & sad & true & heartfelt a memoir as one could find, utterly unspoiled, uninfluenced, & original.”
jacket cover
Bim Ranke will read in Memorial Hall at the University of Massachusetts, Amherst, as part of the University of Massachusetts Creative Writing Program's Visiting Writer Series.   Ramke teaches writing & contemporary literature & edits the Denver Quarterly.   He is the author of eight books of poetry including—most recently, Tendril; as well as, Wake; Matter; Airs, Waters, Places; & The Difference Between Night and Day, which won the Yale Younger Poets Award.   His essays & reviews have appeared in the Boston Review, the Ohio Review, & American Notes & Letters.
journal cover
NO÷ Journal contributors will read a mix of poetry & fiction to celebrate the release of issue [seven].   NO÷ Journal is a free literary/political magazine distributed in print nationwide & online.   Readers for tonight will be Heather Christle, Elisa Gabbert, Aaron Hellem, & Tao Lin.  
jacket cover
Tentatively rescheduled to February 14thJoin Shutesbury resident Peggy Woods in celebrating the publication of her first novel, Spinning Will.   Woods is Assistant Director of the University of Massachusetts Writing Program.  
jacket cover
Join us in celebrating the publication of Joe Fletcher's new chapbook, Sleigh, & the release of issue #4 of Skein, a small, handmade journal founded in Athens, GA in 2003.   Aside from Fletcher, there will be readings by Heather Christle, Chris DeWeese & Seth Landman.

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